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I do not own the characters in my stories. They are sole property of Nintendo. I do not make any money from my work; therefore, my request line is free of charge. If you want to draw or write something for me in return, that is perfectly fine--BUT IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT.


1. I take story/poetry requests only. I cannot draw. This is my own fault. I apologize profusely for such a shortcoming.
2. I will only write requests within the Pokemon fandom. If you inquire about anything else--even if it is a fandom I am even vaguely familiar with--I will decline. If I pen and post any stories in different fandoms, it is of my own accord.
Addenum: I have no limits on gender of pairings--I will take male/male, female/female, male/female, fem!male/Male!female or whatever your heart desires. Love triangles or squares or pentagons of any gender combination may also be requested. (Just please, for the sake of my sanity, don't make them too big.)
Addenum II: As long as I am familiar with the fandom/character in question, I will accept requests for usage of characters from different fandoms in a Pokemon story, BUT ONLY IF THAT CHARACTER IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A POKEMON CHARACTER.
3. I will NOT write any couples involving Pokemon themselves. This means no Pokemon/Pokemon, Pokemon/Human, Pokemon/Inanimate object, or Pokemon/whatever the collective lechery of this amazing fandom can cook up. Human/Human or Human/Inanimate object are the only two I will write. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.
4. I will not write excessive cursing in my stories, no matter the level of request. There might be a "damn" or a "crap" or maybe a "sh*t" once in a while, but as a whole, I detest writing foul language (even if it's part of a character's nature, I will still tone down their use of profanity).
5. Any prolonged series will be written on my whim. I will only accept requests for oneshots and flash fictions.
6. I won't do OCs, either. I am strictly against them.

If you'd like to see your favorite legitimate or crack Pokemon pairing in one of my stories, shoot me a Note, email, or post a comment on my profile or any one of my stories! All requests adhering to the guidelines above will be honored unless my schedule becomes too full to write.

You can contact me to request a story, drop a line, or have comments or concerns about my stories at

  • Mood: Unhappy
Dear lovely watchers, favers, and readers:

I regret to inform you that I am probably no longer going to write and post Pokemon fanfiction anymore. I've simply run out of time to do anything else but school, work, and college prep--my writing time is minimal. I always look forward to breaks so I can play catch-up, but frankly, I'm tired of that. I'd rather have more time to commit to sharpening my repute as a writer on here. It seems that I simply don't. I'm very, very sorry.

HOWEVER--this does not mean that I am leaving forever. I'll still come back to check DA once in a while to clean out my inbox and reply to any comments if need be. I'll drop by and say hi to my some of favorite people whenever I can find time as well. (I'm looking at you butt buddies, :iconkt-exreplica: and :iconw0lf--61:) This means works I've started--like Starting the Fire and An Identity Crisis--will not be completed. BUT! I can assure you that all of my fanfiction will stay up on Deviantart. I will not remove any of it. I have learned the joy my writing brings people--and that makes me prouder than I've ever felt.

Keep an eye out for me on though, because I'm working on a couple of (short) fanfictions for fandoms like Heavy Rain and Harvest Moon. I'll still be minimally active there, in case you still want to read anything I might be able to post.

Thank you all so much for your support and kind, wonderful words. I have grown exponentially as a writer since this began, and I look forward to growing still further on my own. I couldn't have done anything without you. My time here, though short, was well spent. I'm glad to see how everything has changed, and yet nothing has.

I love you all very much! Keep on truckin'!

Hugs and Kisses all around,

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Happy birthdaaaaay!!
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Happy Birthday!
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Dont hate me >.<
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Silent--Protagonist Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I... I miss your ass too. ;_; I got this message this morning before I left for school, and I didn't have time to answer it... I am so sorry for not being on, because I miss people like you and :iconsasukereplica: commenting on my stuff, and I miss READING YOUR STORIES even more! I wanna sit down and finish Feathers for Falkner, and your Hyuu and Super Hair Protagonist story (I did get White2, but I haven't had time to play it yet), but I have all these massive projects and spend my weekends catching up on sleep.

I seriously thought my schedule would loosen up after marching band, but it's only gotten worse. I go to school, come home, do homework, eat, and go to bed. On good days, I get to write maybe 500 words. I've been trucking away at my Heavy Rain longfic for a while now, and even that has to be put on hold sometimes to get other stuff out of the way. And I don't wanna say this, but I haven't been faithful to the Pokemon fandom lately ;_; I haven't been able to make time to do requests, let alone finish Starting the Fire or even stop long enough to write a damn poem! It's not that I don't have inspiration--I just have other responsibilities and can't put anything down on paper. I hate it.

I wish it were Christmas Break, but ours is only like a week long. *Sigh* I don't enjoy this growing up and academic nonsense. I just want to write. ROAR.

Anyway, now that I'm done ranting, how's life? I missed you so much! :iconbrohugplz:
w0lf--61 Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
My life has been going pretty good! I am struggling slightly in math (what else is new) and my Chemestry class is KILLING ME. But other than that im doing great and i wish that i could share it with you. I feel for you about having no time... because i would go mad if that was me. However, at least you arent bored out of your mind! Ha.

Im also kind of sad about the lesser feels for pokemon stories but i understand. Everyone goes through fazes, and who knows! Maybe once you start playing Black and White 2 you will get into the groove again~ So happy that you are enjoying yourself with your other fic though, its nice to know you are at least writing something, even if it is only 500 pages here and there.

Recently things have been strange in my love life... and i feel like maybe you would be a good person to talk to about this, so... either skip this paragraph just yeah. Haha. I dont know why i want you to know this exactly but im kinda in love with Replica. Like... it sucks because of the distance thing, but of course i told him this, and... now its gone back to the way things are and blah blah blah. I just feel like... maybe i made a mistake in telling him since we cant be together. And i have this weird bubbly feeling in my chest... Or more like butterflies. But it just wont go away. This is... what love feels like though, at least for me. I remember this was the way it felt when i loved Jay (my ex). But anyways. AGain, this is just... something i thought i should say.

Its nice to hear from you again and im SO happy that you got the time to reply to me~

Take care my lovely~ and write me when you can!
ElderxChildx6 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
[link] <-- I know it's very late, but happy belated birthday.=3
Silent--Protagonist Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
YAAAAAY! I love it! :D Thank you so much!
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