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"Skarmory can't lay eggs," Steven argued.

This obstinate response caused Winona to frown at him and then down at the large gray Pokemon egg cradled in her arms. "Oh, but of course they can," she told him, rubbing the thin shell with her hand, as if comforting it from Steven's hurtful denial of its existence. "They're birds, for one. And almost all Pokemon except genderless ones can lay eggs. Did you fail Pokemon biology in college?" Winona glanced up and gave him "the look"—the same disgruntled look that she'd given him during childhood when he'd lost a drawing she'd made, during high school when he'd dumped her best friend, and during college when he'd skipped one of his final exams. It was the look she gave when she was fed up with him.

Apparently, he lack of knowledge of his own Pokemon was enough.

Steven wasn't good at much outside of geology and Pokemon battling, which was why the ex-champion of the Hoenn League was exasperated and out of a job after he'd had his title relinquished by a young woman from Littleroot Town. His pension from the League was barely enough to tide him over, so a secondary form of income that didn't involve his useless hobby of rock collecting was essential if he was going to eat anything more than ramen every night for dinner. He received plenty of sympathy, but no assistance from anyone around him—an ex-champion, though esteemed, was still an ex-champion, and that was apparently not enough to warrant help.

Interestingly, it was Winona—his childhood friend and the leader of Fortree City's Gym and someone whom he hadn't had contact with in years—who told him about breeding his Pokemon and selling their eggs to young trainers for profit. At first, he was worried that the tall, slender, and unassuming woman was goading him into a clearly illegal trade, but he discovered that it was indeed perfectly legal and acted as almost an adoption service of sorts. In addition, Winona convinced him that breeding his team and giving away their offspring would be a perfect selling point—after all, who wouldn't want an egg from the team of a former champion? Eventually, Steven agreed, on the condition that he was allowed to screen the paperwork for all potential buyers to ensure that they weren't of unsavory origin.

So far, he'd bred his Metagross several times—he was surprised how much a trainer was willing to pay for a Beldum—but it was Winona who'd encouraged him to have both of their Skarmories mate to produce an egg, something Steven was skeptical of happening. Even though he knew the offspring of a gym leader's Pokemon and an ex-champion's was valuable, he'd never come across a Skarmory egg in his life—he'd believed that Skarmories had live births. He'd remembered learning in school that there was one bird-like Pokemon that gave birth to living young and suckled milk instead of laying eggs like most, so he'd simply assumed that Skarmory was that Pokemon.

Of course he'd been wrong. Steven was never much of an academic type anyway.

"I thought Skarmory had live births," he explained. "I didn't know they laid eggs. I thought they were one of the few who did."

Winona rolled her eyes, clearly done with his ignorance. "Arceus, are you serious, Steven?" she groaned. "They're birds. Of course they lay eggs. They aren't mammals like a Camerupt or a Chansey. What were you expecting?"

"I learned in school that there's a bird Pokemon that has live births," Steven argued. "I apologize. I thought it was a Skarmory. I suppose I was wrong, then." Winona had always been the smarter of the two and Steven endlessly resented her for that. He'd been a better battler himself, but Winona always disported her knowledge of Pokemon when they were growing up and already had plans to become a Pokemon professor with a specialization in Flying-types when she retired from the League. Intelligent women scared Steven.

"You're just being a pissant because I'm a girl and I'm a hell of a lot smarter than you," Winona pointed out, practically reading his mind. "You need to get over your sexism, Steven. And as for the Pokemon you're thinking of, it's Quagsire. There are no bird-like Pokemon that have live births. Read a book."

Steven grunted. While she may have had a point, he was stubborn. "Whatever," he said, stretching his hands out toward her. "Give me the egg so I can take its measurements for the advertisement."

Winona took a step backwards. "No," she said.

"And why not?" Steven asked.

"Because you were too dumb to remember that a bird Pokemon laid eggs," she said, "and I am going to require a different kind of validation of your intelligence in order to hand this Skarmory egg over to you." She placed the egg on the table next to her and crossed her arms over her chest, smirking radically, her jasmine gaze judgmental beneath a lidded smile.

Steven groaned. "And what is that?" he demanded. Winona had liked to tease him with trivia games in high school. It was always trivia that Steven could never get right, causing him embarrassment. "If it's another test of random facts, you know I'm not going to get any of them right. The odds are stacked against me."

Winona chuckled. "No, I know how bad you are at those," she said. Walking over, she leaned down to meet her face with Steven's, her breath hot on his face. Suddenly, Steven became acutely aware of every sensation that surrounded her—her deep, unfathomable gray eyes, the star-speckled bridge of freckles across her nose, the red rosiness of her cheeks—and he felt a small twinge of something unintelligible stir within his chest. "I have a different idea. Ever heard of this one?" And leaning forward, Winona pressed her lips against his.

When they were growing up, Steven always had a hunch that Winona had a crush on him, but there was really no way he could confirm it. She did all the expected behaviors for someone smitten—gave him Valentine's chocolate, laughed hysterically at all his jokes, made fun of him gently, and blushed when he made eye contact. Still, Steven was a shy teenager, despite his disgruntled cynicism, and he was too afraid of losing her if she mentioned anything. Even in adulthood, Winona's attitude didn't change, but Steven still didn't know what to say.

He supposed now, he didn't have to say anything.

Leaning forward, closing the space between them, Steven lifted one hand and curled it around Winona's face, stroking her sharp jaw with his thumb and his fingers softly brushing her purple hair. The kiss deepened and Steven found himself wanting to fall forward into her as their mouths moved together, raising a spark that ignited his veins. He felt Winona give the smallest wisp of a smile against him; contagious as it was, Steven smiled too.

As they pulled away, Steven was the first one to speak. "That wasn't a measure of intelligence," he pointed out. He was staring at Winona, his tart attitude from before having ebbed away into sweetness; his hand was still on her face, not moving. Winona melted into it and grinned.

"No," Winona said, "but I think I still win anyway."

Steven began to tug her face down again for another kiss, but a small peeping sound interrupted him. The tiny, vulnerable noise emanated from the egg on the table beside them and they both looked over to see a steeple-shaped crack form on one side, the cloudy shell buckling under the force of its prisoner. A metallic beak pushed through the hole, followed by the little head of a baby Skarmory. Out of nowhere, it shrieked, likely startled by its first contact with the cold outside air. It began flailing with in the egg, causing the sphere to topple over and shatter on the desk. Among the shards lied the baby Pokemon, wailing at its explosive entrance. To Steven's disappointment, Winona moved away from his grasp and picked up the child in her arms, soothing it by holding it against her warm body.

"See?" Winona said, stroking the whimpering Skarmory in her arms. "I told you Skarmory lay eggs."

Steven smiled clandestinely, inward and out of Winona's sight. "Well, then," he said, "I suppose I have no choice but to believe you now."
This was a request for :iconlupus-stellam: It's kinda rushed and shitty-I apologize for that in advance. My writing has been on edge lately due to time constraints (exams, working, etc. etc., none of you want to hear about that), but I have some pretty decent free time before spring break, so I hope to get a few things done by then. I'm currently working on an OFF smutfic, so please anticipate that.

Here's a Skarmoryshipping (Steven/Winona) fic. I hope you all enjoy, regardless of the content and length.



This story may not be reproduced without my permission. Please send a message before reposting and don't forget to give proper credit.

Pokemon, Steven Stone, Winona are all (c) Nintendo.


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I do not own the characters in my stories. They are sole property of Nintendo. I do not make any money from my work; therefore, my request line is free of charge. If you want to draw or write something for me in return, that is perfectly fine--BUT IT IS NOT A REQUIREMENT.


1. I take story/poetry requests only. I cannot draw. This is my own fault. I apologize profusely for such a shortcoming.
2. I will only write requests within the Pokemon fandom. If you inquire about anything else--even if it is a fandom I am even vaguely familiar with--I will decline. If I pen and post any stories in different fandoms, it is of my own accord.
Addenum: I have no limits on gender of pairings--I will take male/male, female/female, male/female, fem!male/Male!female or whatever your heart desires. Love triangles or squares or pentagons of any gender combination may also be requested. (Just please, for the sake of my sanity, don't make them too big.)
Addenum II: As long as I am familiar with the fandom/character in question, I will accept requests for usage of characters from different fandoms in a Pokemon story, BUT ONLY IF THAT CHARACTER IS IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH A POKEMON CHARACTER.
3. I will NOT write any couples involving Pokemon themselves. This means no Pokemon/Pokemon, Pokemon/Human, Pokemon/Inanimate object, or Pokemon/whatever the collective lechery of this amazing fandom can cook up. Human/Human or Human/Inanimate object are the only two I will write. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.
4. I will not write excessive cursing in my stories, no matter the level of request. There might be a "damn" or a "crap" or maybe a "sh*t" once in a while, but as a whole, I detest writing foul language (even if it's part of a character's nature, I will still tone down their use of profanity). I've expunged this rule. All nature of cursing is allowed now.
5. Any prolonged series will be written on my whim. I will only accept requests for oneshots and flash fictions.
6. I won't do OCs, either. I am strictly against them.
7. Yes, I will write smut. Because I am now 18 and can legally write pornography, I will do so under request.

If you'd like to see your favorite legitimate or crack Pokemon pairing in one of my stories, shoot me a Note, email, or post a comment on my profile or any one of my stories! All requests adhering to the guidelines above will be honored unless my schedule becomes too full to write.

You can contact me to request a story, drop a line, or have comments or concerns about my stories at

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Hey, my lovely followers!!! Remember me, your old teenage Silent--Protagy? Well, she's back, and now in College Mode! I'm in my second semester of my freshman year and I've decided to come back to the Pokemon fandom and start writing again, since other than a bit of dabbling back in South Park and original fiction, I haven't done a whole lot of writing after my junior year. I took a playwriting class last semester and I was encouraged to return to prose. 

Anyway, that's a brief overview--so here I am! Requests are now OPEN and I will be taking as many as I can hopefully handle! I may disappear for a few days from time to time due to schedule constraints or studying for exams, but I'll do my best to stay consistent. 

Crack? Canon? Anything! Go ahead and shoot me a comment or a PM and I'll see what I can do! :D

Much love and kisses, 


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Im also kind of sad about the lesser feels for pokemon stories but i understand. Everyone goes through fazes, and who knows! Maybe once you start playing Black and White 2 you will get into the groove again~ So happy that you are enjoying yourself with your other fic though, its nice to know you are at least writing something, even if it is only 500 pages here and there.

Recently things have been strange in my love life... and i feel like maybe you would be a good person to talk to about this, so... either skip this paragraph just yeah. Haha. I dont know why i want you to know this exactly but im kinda in love with Replica. Like... it sucks because of the distance thing, but of course i told him this, and... now its gone back to the way things are and blah blah blah. I just feel like... maybe i made a mistake in telling him since we cant be together. And i have this weird bubbly feeling in my chest... Or more like butterflies. But it just wont go away. This is... what love feels like though, at least for me. I remember this was the way it felt when i loved Jay (my ex). But anyways. AGain, this is just... something i thought i should say.

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