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There is a beat beneath the feet of those
Who wear their hearts on their sleeves
And on the souls of their weary boots.
Only they are known as Masters.

There is no skip in their vacant steps,
As they have lost fulfillment long ago.
Yet a hundred thousand sacrifices
They make to be known as Masters.

Do you really want to become us?
He asks to the golden-eyed child,
The black-haired, golden-eyed child,
As he stands in the cruel grave of defeat.

He understands the determination
That stews in the golden, molten eyes
Of this black-haired champion child.
He knows it as the gaze of another Master.

But he is too young to hold that chasm
In his gentle, solemn hands that touch
With only chagrin and the deepest care,
The things that Masters wash their hands of.

Still, he is strong, this golden-eyed child,
This black-haired, golden-eyed child,
And such strength should be keep beneath
The wraps of purity and silent triumph.

The boy nods and meets his steady gaze,
Pleading for him to pave the way
And sow the rocky championship ground
For future men like him to tread upon.

But instead, he shakes his drowsy head,
Weary from wearing his heart on his sleeve
And stamping his soul on the heel of his boot.
He doesn't want this boy to be like him.

Like him, this golden-eyed boy,
This black-haired, golden-eyed boy—
He wants to protect him from the dragon
Rage he has tasted and slept against.

He turns away and tells the boy to
Find his way on his precarious own.
For now, he needs to be alone himself,
As he is a devoid Master no more.

He walks a trail of fire far, far away,
The heels of his boots moving with
No skip in their bleak, empty step.
His heart cries, reticent, on his sleeve.

Perhaps he is glad. Perhaps he should be,
For no longer does he need to sacrifice
The coming years of his hollow life;
Perhaps now, it is time for him to rest.

For instead, this black-haired boy,
This golden-eyed, black-haired boy
Vows to take his ghastly place for him.
He speaks not to ruin his pride.

And he walks
With a beat
Beneath his feet,
A Master

Going dead.
Preview picture belongs to :iconmr-w:. Thanks to him for letting me use his awesome art! I recommend dropping a few views and favorites to his gallery, because you will find some phenomenal stuff there! :D

WHAT IS THIS SHIT. I HATE THIS SHIT. ALSDKQALEKRJQBQEALKSHDZ;OJ *Silent--Protagonist used Explosion! It's a one-hit KO!*

Yeah... think whatever you'd like about this poem. I personally hate it. It has to be the worst poem I've written. The only good thing about this is the preview picture, and that's not even my work.

Okay, now that I'm done bashing myself, I really hope you guys like this. It is not unspeakably epic like "The Clash" or "Featherdance" or the like, but I tried. Scenario: Lance has been defeated by Gold, and is basically asking him if he really wants to take on the responsibility of Champion.

Just my opinion, but I think being a Pokemon Master would kind of suck. The responsibility, the pressure to never fail at battle, even facing little kids... etc. It's a desired lifestyle, but it's probably like being a celebrity--nice to see, but not nice to be.

I wrote this listening to the Ho-oh theme. When in doubt...

:iconho-ohplz: RAINBOHS.

Josef Mengele,
Original work by Silent--Protagonist. This may NOT be reprinted or distributed without my written permission.

Characters (c) Nintendo

P.S--The title is based off a mythical dragon or something. Iunno. My cousin (who, coincidentally, is an artist herself), uses it as a nom de plume occasionally. I liked it, so this is kind of a tribute poem to her. (Even though this has nothing to do with Abraxas. Sue me.)

lottie-larka-rules Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I second that <3 Chills. CHILLS I SAY. I think you captured the feelings well - I imagine that there would be great sadness in losing such a position, and also in seeing someone with such a young life ahead of them losing their future opportunities for a potentially empty goal. Really, I love this <33
Silent--Protagonist Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much for the feedback :D Sorry I was so late getting back to you, but I appreciate your kind comment!
w0lf--61 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
i kid you not. i got chills reading this
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