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years I waited
for a name
a name and
perhaps a friend.
a golden man,
alone in the
depths of Hell
waiting for my time
to come and
see me through.
soon enough,
yet not long enough,
overlooked by many

but understood
by one.

alone at once,
I sat and waited
for a friend
and perhaps a name
to hold me
to the life I need.
it did; I waited
long enough,
but not soon enough,
and he came to me
on a day when
the leaves browned
and fear followed
him through the
depths of Hell.

I gained a name
and a friend
and he left me
with the promise
of a strong return.
at first, I was alone
at once again
and worried that
I would be that way

understood by
no one.

yet he came again
and again
calling my name
my friend
each moment
and held me close
to the life I needed.
to him, I was not
a simple prop
a quiet obliesk
a golden man

but Stephano.

I am with him
his companion
an everlasting
until these depths
of Hell swallow
us both.
when he must leave
he places me
back onto tables
and bookshelves
and chairs
with the promise
of a strong return.

so I sit
and I wait

because I know
He will be back.
ib4 weird Pewdiepie yaoi fangirls seeing homoerotic undertones to this, which is entirely not what I intended. For real this time.

For the Bro Army, amirite?


I... I am so inspired by the friendship of Pewdie and Stephano. Really. I know that sounds really lame, but I am completely honest here. To take something so incredibly trivial as a background statue in a video game and make it a living thing that people sympathize with takes insurmountable skill. With this, I think Pewds would make a great writer.

Note that I wrote this in ten minutes, so its content quality should not measure to that of, say, Soullessness. Or that porn of Lance and Cynthia I wrote right before school started Disregard that statement, I draw upon the male chicken with my oral cavity.

With this and my upcoming Walking Dead fanfic, I'm taking a break from the Pokemon fandom for right now. Sorry if that bothers any of my watchers.

I'm going to send this to some Bro groups that I don't have to join (because I'm already the member of way too many groups).

Poem is my original work

Stephano (c) Pewdiepie

Amnesia: The Dark Descent (c) Frictional Games
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:I It's not much of a poem but Haiku sounds more like it, but meh
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